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TREASURE + GREED = Bodies dropping

The irrepressible Jake Johnson from THE FIRECRACKER KING is back with a new mystery and a new challenge. After meeting a strange old hermit deep in the woods, Jake’s imagination starts firing on all cylinders and he embarks on a treasure hunt. The prize? A million dollars in US Gold Certificates lost by bootleggers in 1925. Everyone involved in the million-dollar theft was murdered. Now, decades later, will the treasure exact another price in blood?

"One of those books you just don't want to put down." - Amazon Review


THE TAKER - new release


Hannibal Lecter meets The Godfather.

How safe is your life? Do you ever feel you are being watched, even though you see nobody near. You slough it off as foolish fear. But maybe it’s true. Maybe you have drawn the attention of a murder machine who sees you only as a string of zeroes to add to his wealth.


He’ll give you a choice.

Life or death?

Choose death.


“The most frightening psychopath since Hannibal Lecter.” - Michael Corbett, ABC

"A 5-star winner." Amazon review.

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Ever find a dead body? It can change your life. Not in a good way. Sixteen year old, Jake Johnson finds this out when his quiet summer vacation turns into a fight for survival. His idyllic lake community hides a deadly secret that forces Jake to leave childhood behind and make adult decisions...or die.

"I loved it!" - Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestseller

"A wicked, marvelous book." - David Corbett, award-winning author

"Compares favorably to Stephen King's Stand by Me." - A.C. Crispin, New York Times Bestseller

"Best coming-of-age novel since The Catcher In The Rye." - William Gordon, International Bestseller


A Novel

Descended from a long line of witchers, Ethan West can see through time and space. When his wife is vaporized in a freak lightning strike, Ethan embarks on a quest to change her timeline. If he can see through time, why can't he actually move through time? To increase his abilities, he seeks help from an unscrupulous scientist who wants to use Ethan to become the ultimate power broker. TIME JUMPER takes the reader on a journey not only through space and time, but to the limits of the mind.

"A mindblowing fantasy thriller." - A.C. Crispin, bestselling author of numerous Star Wars and Star Trek novels, the Starbridge Series, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom.

"Highly recommended." - Critic's Corner Book and Film Reviews

100% FIVE       STAR   REVIEWS


A novel 

"Tom Clancy fans will love this."


    Zack Bennett, a disillusioned ex-FBI agent, takes on a job he has serious qualms about, but with an eight-year-old daughter to support, he can't get picky. He's sucked into a global conspiracy so treacherous it triggers Armageddon. After next-gen Iranian super jets drop weaponized anthrax on Tel Aviv, Israel's nuclear response triggers a wave of jihadi armies marching to finally sweep Israel off the map.

     With only days to the American presidential election, Zack stumbles on proof so shocking it will unseat the current president and send members of Congress to prison. Proof so dangerous that Zack's daughter is kidnapped and he’s framed for murders he didn't commit. With the FBI hunting him and an assassin on his tail, Zack must call in every favor and exploit every friend to stay ahead of destruction. And he must do it before his daughter pays with her life.

     With the stakes mounting, Zack Bennett allies himself with a shadowy agency in the hope of finding and freeing his daughter. But he's one step behind the kidnapper. He faces the riskiest decision of his life in a climax that can have no winners.

     Blast Radius is a tale of greed, of raw political ambition, and of the enduring love between a father and his daughter.


EAT FAT, BE HEALTHY: When A Low-Fat Diet Can Kill You

After dying and being brought back to life 72 times, author, Matthew Bayan, set out on a quest to find out why he had a massive heart attack at an early age. His research with cardiologist, Frank Carrea, resulted in a treatment that actually reversed his heart disease. This book set off a national controversy that still rages. Find out how you can not only prevent heart disease, but also reverse arterial blockages.

"This book is astonishing. Reads like a thriller." -- Dallas Morning News

"Appealing." -- Entertainment Weekly

"A wonderful book. It reads like a novel. Beautifully written." -- Layna Berman, Pacifica Radio Network

"Bayan does a fine job translating medical terminology and, with a keen sense of humor, explaining how people can integrate healthy behavior into everyday life." -- Publishers Weekly

GUN 101: The Writer's Guide To Using Firearms In Fiction


Most mystery and thriller writers have never fired a gun, yet they put all sorts of firearms into the hands of criminals, cops, terrorists, and spies.  Guns are used in these genres as clues, weapons, murder devices, and forensic evidence. And guess what? Writers frequently get it wrong.


GUN 101 provides guidance on firearms, ammunition, common mistakes, and ways to overcome problems that writers face. This is THE guide writers have been waiting for. As bestseller, Tony Broadbent, said, "I'll buy a dozen of these books for my writer friends. We really need it."

"Writers need this book." - Tony Broadbent, bestselling author of the Smoke Series.


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